Children or young people and their families that may require help or provisions of support in managing the demands of family life; whilst in parallel, allowing for healthy and positive relationships to ensue between all familial dynamics and caregivers.

Children and young people aged between 0-19

All referrals must come from a professional involved with the family, namely from TUSLA or the HSE. The identified professional will maintain responsibility across the life span of work being exercised, as in the event of any issues or concerns arising, such can be addressed accordingly.

Parents and caregivers must be on board and in agreement with the referral. A commitment on their part is expected in order to make all provisions of support work effectively for the child or young person at the centre.

The referrer must identify one professional aim to be achieved at the beginning, and periodically reviewed as the partnership evolves. Weekly or Monthly summaries will be collated and submitted to the referrer; we work in an open and transparent manner across the board.

Our team will work on the basis of priority; any referrals made that have child protection concerns will assume precedence. The management of all other referrals are assessed subject to the date upon receipt by our team. 

Should a more specialist support service be required, we can offer the following;

To work in partnership with families, in order to identify solutions to challenges around existing behaviours. Studies show how complex behaviours can have a negative impact on the dynamics of family life and the family unit as a whole; not forgetting, the impact on the child or young person at the centre. If not properly addressed, this can impair the emotional, spiritual and physical development of the individual, and damage relationships between the person and their caregivers.

We can offer a safe space and time for families and the professional involved in the child or young person’s life to openly discuss any difficult issues and to collectively find new ways or solutions of resolve. A map of sessions will be identified (notably 6) and support provisions made clear. We will support the child/young person and their family to utilise their own strengths and all resources available, to find practical solutions to personal situations. In turn, we will work at strengthening and enhancing innate skills for each individual. Small, manageable and measurable steps are taken, with a positive end goal.