Where a referral has been made to Trinity Support & Care Services, an assessment of need will be completed, this will enable our staff to identify what level of support is needed to meet the needs of the person being referred.

Whether the person is being supported in a residential service, family support service or outreach service, each person will have in place one or a combination of the following plans;
• Support Plans
• Care Plans
• Health Action Plans
• Positive Behaviour Support Plans
• Individual Educational Plans

Trinity Support & Care Services recognise that interventions are more effective when the following is in place;
• Individualised goals and plans are developed that are based on specific evaluations/assessments undertaken with the person.
• Making use of ‘natural environments’
• Empowering the person to make decisions and choices

In each of our services, there is a team of skilled and highly dedicated staff to meet the individual needs of each person. Support Staff have a range of specialist training, in areas specific to;
• Autism
• Active Support
• Applied Behaviour Analysis
• Non-verbal forms of communications
• Personality and Mental Health
• Positive Behaviour Support
• Outcome Standards