Trinity Support & Care Services Ltd provide services for children and adults with an intellectual disability, autism and mental ill health. The accommodation and support provided are bespoke to the needs of each person we work with. Each service is built around the person in accordance with our core values.

Residential Services
Providing registered residential homes, that are bespoke, high quality, and nurturing home environments. Our residential support and care provided to children and adults with intellectual disabilities, autism and associated mental health needs, are person centred to the needs and wishes of each person.

Outreach Support Services
Providing support for adults who wish to live independently in their own community, including support with daily living skills, social, emotional, and mental wellbeing.

Family Network Support Services
The Family Network is a social, educational, and recreational outlet to support the personal growth and development of children and young people. This allows families or caregivers to have a break or time out/away for themselves.

Trinity Inclusive Day Services (TIDS)
Our Inclusive Day Services provide opportunities and activities to adults with an intellectual disability and autism. Staff support each person through helping them to develop and work towards personal goals, which includes providing opportunities for personal development in areas of social, educational, physical, and mental wellbeing.

Specialist Positive Behavioural Support Services
Our specialist Positive Behavioural Support Services provide expertise to people with high support needs and for those who present behaviours and communications which challenge.