The Family Support Network is led and operated by a team of professionals with qualifications in social work and psychology. We are a team of individuals with diverse backgrounds, having experience in the field of disability, namely intellectual disability, physical disability, autism spectrum disorder, and children with emotional and behavioural difficulties.

We work in partnership, with the child or young person and their caregivers in the planning of their time spent with us. Our staff will work to build strong and trusting relationships, and will empower each child or young person to make choices in what they aspire to do during their time with us. Activities will be based on the child or young person’s needs – we will conduct an initial assessment, with the child or young person central to that process. All necessary actions and supports, wishes and preferences will be documented, and presented in the form of a detailed activity and individual person centred plan.

The Family Network is a social, educational and recreational outlet to support the personal growth and development of children and young people, whilst in turn, allowing their families or caregivers to have a simple break or time out/away for themselves.

Our philosophy as an organisation is to respect and value each individual, and support their growth through happiness and feeling loved at every stage of their journey with us.

Our expertise in working with children and young people is delivered in line with innate values; respect and dignity towards each individual – happiness and empowerment for all.