Introducing Cormac Kelly…

A dedicated Assistant Social Care Worker at Trinity SCS, who has been an invaluable part of the team for over 16 months.

Cormac is currently immersed in Trinity SCS’s internal Leadership and Professional Development Programme, with aspirations of stepping into an Assistant Team Leader role, supported by both the programme and his Line Manager.

In 2015, Cormac’s journey into the field of Social Care began when he lent his assistance at Summer Camps for individuals with autism and complex needs. The experience left a profound impact, sparking his passion for making a positive difference in people’s lives. His background as a lifeguard naturally drew him towards a career centered on aiding others, eventually leading him to retrain in Social Care, where he obtained a Fetac Level 6 in Special Needs Assisting.

Cormac recognises the significance of patience in the realm of Social Care, emphasising its importance when interacting with service users, colleagues, and oneself. He acknowledges his own tendency to be self-critical but is steadily learning to extend patience to himself, regrouping and trying anew when faced with challenges.

His daily responsibilities encompass providing unwavering support to service users within the community, assisting them with various chosen activities and daily living tasks. Additionally, Cormac actively participates in team meetings, continuously engages in training sessions, and maintains open communication with family members to ensure they are fully informed about the care and support their loved ones receive.

What truly ignites Cormac’s passion for this work is the ever-changing nature of each day, where every moment presents a unique adventure. No two days are alike in Cormac’s world of Social Care. Thank you Cormac ⭐️

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