Within our professional arena, for the children and adults we support, saying goodbye and letting go can be a difficult and emotional journey. It’s a reminder of the strength it takes to embrace change and transition, especially when separation can be overwhelming.

Today, as we bid farewell to our dear friend and colleague Ryan, as he embarks on a new journey and chapter of his life in Australia, know that the same warmth and kindness you’ve shared with us at TrinitySCS will undoubtedly touch many hearts down under. Thank you for your compassion, your unwavering support, and the lasting impact you’ve left on all of us.

Safe travels, and may this next chapter in your life, be filled with adventure and success. 🌏✨

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Check out this insightful study on saying goodbye. Whilst undertaken some time ago, the experiences and imparting knowledge, holds lasting relevance for us professionals today.

Mattison, V. (1998). ‘Saying Goodbye: How People with Learning Disabilities and Staff Experience the End of Key Working Relationships.’ Doctoral thesis (D.Clin.Psy.), UCL (University College London).

Explore the findings and insights here:


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