Join us, in the celebration of Mental Health Awareness Week (15th -21st of May) 💛

The main purpose of Mental Health Awareness Week, is to – TALK – start conversations about mental health, reduce stigma surrounding mental health issues, and encourage people to seek help when needed. ‘Anxiety’ is the theme of Mental Health Awareness Week 2023!

Let’s make a powerful impact this week and create a workplace that values mental wellness and supports one another’s well-being. Let’s prioritise open conversations, active listening, and empathy. Whether it’s a kind word, a supportive gesture, or simply checking in on each other, our collective efforts can make a world of difference. By fostering a culture of understanding, compassion, and mental health support, we can create a thriving environment where everyone feels safe, respected, and able to bring their best selves to work. Let’s stand together, break down stigma, and prioritise mental wellness not just this week, but every single day.

It is important to note that mental health awareness should not be limited to a single week or month, but should be an ongoing effort. Mental health is a crucial aspect of overall well-being, and understanding, supporting, and addressing mental health issues should be a year-round endeavor.

Print out this image, and use it in the workplace or at home, to remind yourself that –

💛You Are Enough💛

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